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Tелефон: +371 26065555

 Rīgas detektīvu aģentūra

Be careful! Turning to the detective firm, always make sure the company has detective license, and the private detective - detective certificate! +

Riga Detective Agency (Latvia) Tel.: +37126065555 president Olga Zelika*:

Riga Detective Agency (Rīgas Detektīvu Aģentūra) +37126065555
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Telephone: +371 26065555
On every Your calling answer Only Detective Olga Zelika*


   Legal services:


- Compilation of contracts, claims, statements, providing free advices, providing full information on a specific transaction and its participants.

- Debt collection (collecting of information about the debtor, all information provided to the customer). At the first free consultation we provide a list of possibilities about debt.

Debt collection provided by negotiations method with the debtor, in frameworks of existing legislations. We do NOT write letters and do not see the point! Judicial practice isn't applied! We can compose a statement to the police for fraud if the client deems it useful!

- Settlement of conflict situations

In a divorces, family conflicts, struggle against violence in families, and also a settlement of conflicts between co-owners and shareholders.

- We represent interests of physical and legal persons in all state institutions (police, prosecutors’ office, and court), compiling lawsuits, claims, and statements. Free consultations on all questions!

- compiling up claims, statements, contracts, internal instructions.

-  Consultations on Criminal, Civil, Administrative law, family questions (rights). We provide consultations about law system in Latvia and abroad. We cooperate with lawyers, detectives and law enforcement agencies all around the world.

We have very good contact with the press, mass media, and internet portals!